Kunshan Gaoqiang Industrial Equipment Co., Ltd.

Custom Dryzone Dry Cabinet

1. Size

If the standard dry cabinet model size could not satisfy your need, could be customized.

2. Dryzone Dry Cabinet Shelf

The standard each shelf could load 80kgs, and the max we could do is 100kgs per shelf if you want;

And we also have a sliding shelf, a different slide drawer shelf if you are in need.

3.  Alarm

The LED could add an ultra humidity alarm buzzer function and could also install an Alarm tower light.

4.  Data collection

If you would like to record humidity and temperature data, could add a data logger.

5. Dryzone Dry Cabinet Internet of Things

If you want to monitor many sets of dry cabinets and hygrometers, could buy the software.

6. Dryzone Dry Cabinet Light

In order to see the position of the material more clearly, lighting can be added. Open the door namely the light is on, close the door namely the light goes out.