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Cp03u Accurate Hygrometer

CP03U hygrometer is used in the need for precise monitoring of temperature and humidity environment, suitable for people's house use or industrial use of moisture-proof box or moisture-proof cabinet, which is very convenient for precision instruments, gadgets preservation, camera or antique art collection of environmental monitoring and management.

An accurate digital hygrometer CP03U is the precision instrument level on the market, using low power, low drift long-term stable imported Sensor can accurately display temperature and humidity in the general environment, especially accurate when it is placed in closed cabinets such as the moisture-proof box or moisture-proof cabinet and has Celsius and Fahrenheit for customers to choose.

cp03u accurate hygrometer
cp03u accurate hygrometer 2
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Specifications of Cp03u Accurate Hygrometer

CP03U Hygrometer

CP03U Hygrometer

Measuring range

0.1~99.9%RH; -20~65.9℃


±2%RH (1%~80%RH); ±0.2℃ (at 25℃)



Operating Temp.


Sensor drift

≦0.25 (%RH/yr); ≦0.05 (℃/yr)

Display refresh time

1 minute


40,000 measuring values


CP03U reader

CP03U Hygrometer

Common Data of Cp03u Accurate Hygrometer

Battery type2 AAA batteries
Weight63g (battery included)
Dimension68 x 45 x 25mm
Warranty1 year
Material HousingABS

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