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At Dryzone, we understand that your electronic components are valuable assets, and we are dedicated to providing the best possible storage solutions for your needs. Invest in our dry storage cabinets today and experience the peace of mind that comes with knowing your electronics are safe and secure.

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Dry Storage Cabinets for Electronics Components

Wafer storage is an important part for semiconductor industry based on the high value of wafer, which needs to be stored in N2 cabinet to avoid oxidation, Diodes, Amkor, SMIC, TSMC all choose Dryzone N2 cabinet.

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Dryzone Dry Cabinet For Semiconductor

The moisture sensitive devices including PCB boards and IC chips,  especially level 3-5a should be stored in dry cabinet to avoid the moisture-related defects. Jabil, Compal, Wistron, Foxconn these SMT big company are Dryzone clients.

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Dryzone Dry Cabinet For SMT

With the development of LED photoelectric industry, industry requirements are becoming more and more strict.. In order to avoid reliability failure caused by moisture absorption, storage and moisture proof measures should be prepared for LED products before welding.

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Dryzone Dry Cabinet For Phoelectric Optical Communication

 IC chips and PCB boards in automotive electronical industry are required to store in dry cabinet to gurantee the floor life.Bosch,Continental chooses Dryzone.

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Dryzone Dry Cabinet For Automotive Electronics

Chemical units, pharmaceuticals, and medical instruments  are stored in dry environment to avoid the damage of moiture and mold. 

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Endoscope Drying And Storage Cabinet

The laboratory instruments are protected well by storing in dry cabinet to avoid moisture and oxidation.

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Dryzone Dry Cabinet For Lab and Others

The customization of dimension and special design inside cabinet for storing easily is popular.

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Custom Dryzone Dry Cabinet

Dry Cabinet Function

A dry cabinet is designed for the purpose of storing and preserving moisture-sensitive items such as electronics, photographic equipment, optical lenses, manuscripts, and artefacts. It helps to reduce the humidity levels inside the cabinet and maintain a dry environment, preventing items from being damaged by moisture or oxidation. The primary function of the dry cabinet is to keep the items dry and protected from any potential harm caused by moisture or humidity in the surrounding environment. The dry cabinet has a built-in dehumidifying system that includes silica gel or other absorbing material to absorb moisture from the surrounding air. The cabinet is typically air-tight and has a locking mechanism, allowing users to control the amount of moisture inside.

Dry Cabinet Uses

1. Storage of moisture-sensitive items: A dry cabinet is primarily used for storing moisture-sensitive items such as electronics, cameras, optical lenses, and other precision instruments. The low humidity levels maintained by the cabinet help to prevent moisture from damaging these items.

2. Preservation of historical artifacts: Museums and galleries use dry cabinets to preserve historical artifacts such as manuscripts, paintings, and sculptures. Maintaining a dry environment helps to avoid any potential damage caused by moisture, such as warping or discoloration.

3. Protection of food items: Some food items, such as dry fruits, chocolates, or herbs, can be affected by moisture and humidity. Dry cabinets can be used to store such items and prevent them from getting spoiled while maintaining their freshness and flavor.

4. Maintenance of medical equipment: Medical equipment, such as surgical instruments or diagnostic machines, require precise care and maintenance. A dry cabinet can help to prevent corrosion or rust and maintain the equipment's working condition.

5. Preservation of film negatives: Photographers and filmmakers use the camera storage cabinet to store their film negatives, which can be sensitive to moisture and humidity. The dry environment helps to preserve the quality and longevity of the film negatives.

Overall, a dry cabinet is a versatile storage solution that helps to protect and preserve various types of items from damage caused by moisture and humidity.