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Ht-5d Digital Hygrometer

An alarm Hygrometer is installed a precisely controlled environment, such as a storage room of precious collections, a production line of high-tech electronic components, optical and medical industries, etc. It can not only display the temperature and relative humidity but also alert the engineers to check and repair the facilities immediately by flash or buzzer alarm that is activated as soon as the temperature or relative humidity exceeds the preset tolerance. With this function, millions of dollars could be saved in time.

ht 5d digital hygrometer
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Ht-5d Accurate Digital Hygrometer Specifications

HT-5D Hygrometer

HT-5D Hygrometer

Operation Range

0~50℃, 0~90%RH


±1.0℃, ±2.0%RH (at 50%RH/25℃)


0.1℃, 0.1%RH







Visibility Distance

30m Power Consumption (average)12Wh

Calibration Reminding


Alarm Setting (%RH)


Alarm Setting (℃)


Alarm Buzzer


Alarm Flash Humidity Mangaer V3(software)


Sensor Look V3


Data Logger


RS232 Port


Calibration Report


HT-5D Hygrometer

Ht-5d Digital Accurate Thermometer Hygrometer Features

Calibration reminding

In order to help complying with the regulation of ISO, a unique design of calibration expiration reminding function is offered in HT series. When the sensor runs over 365 days, the decimal point in the panel will be flashed for reminding the user.

Superior visibility

Equipped with LED display, the perfect visibility can definitely avoid any ambiguous reading. It is important in many occasions.


HT series is very cost effective compare to any existing similar hygrometer in the market.

Function upgrade

Advanced functions such as data logger, setting of warning tolerance and central monitoring via intranet can be upgraded to meet the customer's requirement in the future.

FAQs of of Digital Temperature Humidity Meter & Gauge

1. Why is it important to monitor temperature and humidity levels?

Temperature and humidity are crucial to maintaining a comfortable and healthy indoor environment. Extreme temperatures, whether too hot or too cold, can cause discomfort, and high humidity levels can promote the growth of mold, mildew, and dust mites.

In contrast, low humidity levels can cause dry skin, respiratory irritation, and lead to the spread of flu viruses, among other issues. By monitoring the temperature and humidity levels, it's possible to maintain a safe and comfortable indoor environment for everyone.

2. How does a digital temp and humidity gauge work?

A digital temperature and humidity meter uses a sensor to measure the temperature and humidity within the environment. The device measures these levels and sends the data to a microprocessor, where it is processed and displayed on the screen.

The meters usually have a backlit display, making it easy to read even in dimly lit environments. Some models come with the option to record and store data over time, which can assist in monitoring temperature and humidity levels over an extended period.

3. Why should you use a digital thermometer humidity meter?

A digital thermometer humidity gauge can help you monitor the indoor environment's air quality quickly and efficiently. By monitoring the temperature and humidity levels, you can take steps to adjust them for comfort, safety, and health.

For instance, in the winter months, the air can become dry and uncomfortable. A digital hygrometer thermometer humidity meter will indicate when the humidity has dipped too low, indicating the need for a humidifier or a solution to add moisture to the air.

In the summer months, high humidity levels can cause mold and mildew, creating an unhealthy living environment. With a digital meter, you can quickly identify high humidity levels, prompting you to take necessary steps to reduce indoor humidity, like using a dehumidifier.

4. How to use a digital temperature and humidity gauge?

Using a digital temperature humidity gauge is quite simple. You need to place the device in the room or area you want to monitor and activate it. The device will then display the temperature and humidity readings.

For the best results, place the device in an area where you suspect that the temperature or humidity may be the most significant factor. For example, place the device in a damp room or a room with large windows to monitor temperature and humidity levels.

Optional Accessories Of Ht-5d Digital Hygrometer Indoor Thermometer

LT-1 Datalogger
Sensor Look V3
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