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Camera Dehumidifying Dry Cabinet

Cameras need to put in temperature <10℃ or humidity <60%RH, then the mildew will stop growing, Dryzone camera dehumidifying dry cabinet is specially design for camera storage which could not only well protect the camera from moisture damage, but also protect the camera lens breaking.

camera dehumidifying dry cabine hde 300
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Dehumidifier Dry Cabinet For Cameras & Lenses Specifications

HDE-300 Drying Cabinet For Camera

HDE-300 Drying Cabinet For Camera

Capacity: 255L

External Dimension: W400*D528*H1375mm

Internal Dimension: W398*D500*H1280mm

Shelves: 3units

HDE-300 Drying Cabinet For Camera

Camera Dehumidifier Cabinet Features

  • Good moisture resistance. Compared to camera bags with desiccant, the dry box for camera gear has much better moisture-proof functions.

  • Permanent moisture saves time and effort. Compared to the traditional plastic dry box which is easily broken and needs to change the desiccant frequently. The dry box cabinet camera avoids such problems.

Optional Accessories of Camera Dehumidifying Dry Cabinet

Spring shelf for camera
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