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A dryzone hygrometer could help manage the temperature and humidity of the production line for clients. By using our software to connect the hygrometers and dry cabinets together, you could easy to monitor and collect data on the temperature and humidity. A digital hygrometer with a probe is quite a labor-saving and easy to check and manage, which is important in nowadays information age and all are internet of things.


Types of Hygrometer

  • Measuring range: 0.1~99.9%RH; -20~65.9℃

  • Accuracy: ±2%RH (1%~80%RH); ±0.2℃ (at 25℃)

  • Resolution: 0.1%RH; 0.1℃

  • Operating Temp.-20~70℃ Sensor drift: ≦0.25 (%RH/yr); ≦0.05 (℃/yr)

  • Display Refresh Time: 1 minute

  • Memory: 40,000 measuring values

  • Software: CP03U reader

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  • Operation Range:  0~50℃, 0~90%RH

  • Precision: ±1.0℃, ±2.0%RH(at 50%RH/25℃)

  • Resolution: 0.1℃, 0.1%RH Dimension: W310xD70xH320mm

  • Weight: 3kgs

  • Power: 110V/230V

  • Visibility Distance: 30m Power Consumption (average)12Wh

  • Calibration Reminding: Yes

  • Alarm Setting (%RH): Yes

  • Alarm Setting (℃): Yes

  • Alarm Buzzer: Yes

  • Alarm Flash Humidity Mangaer V3(software): Yes

  • Sensor Look V3: Option

  • Data Logger: Option

  • RS232 Port: Yes

  • Calibration Report: Yes

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Hygrometer With Alarm Benefits

Hygrometer With Alarm Benefits

Humidity manager software: Sensor Look V3

1. To save monitoring manpower at a huge plant, 32 sets of Hygrometers can be connected to a PC through intranet network. All of the data of temperature and relative humidity will be recorded and the fluctuation will be shown in the graph.

2. Data collection: Dryzone hygrometer either HT-5D or CP03U could collect the humidity and temperature data, HT-5D could collect data by using a datalogger or connect to the PC direct, CP03U could store 40,000 data itself.

Faqs About Hygrometer

Faqs About Hygrometer

What is a Digital Hygro Thermometer Used For?

Monitro the humidity and temperature.

How Accurate Are Digital Temperature Hygrometer?

HT-5D hygrometer: Precision: ±1.0℃, ±2.0%RH(at 50%RH/25℃)

CP03U: ±2%RH (1%~80%RH); ±0.2℃ (at 25℃)

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