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Dry Cabinet Accessories

As Dryzone cabinets are all module designs, so you could choose the accessories and customize your cabinet according to your personal need. And you could add these accessories at the beginning, or you could buy the standard dry cabinet first and update your dry cabinet in later days, but not all accessories suit this, please note.

dry cabinet accessories
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What Are Dryzone Dry Cabinet Accessories Used For?

Dryzone dry cabinet accessories are used to add more function to the standard dry cabinet and upgrade and customized the dry cabinet according to your real need.

Dry Cabinet Accessories Types

  1. ESD safety: 106~109Ω  The body of the dry storage cabinets could be normal white or ESD black.

  2. Stainless steel cabinet: (SUS#304) The body of the N2 cabinet could be made SUS#304 if you want.

  3. Slide drawer: We could make a normal white shelf,  ESD shelf, SUS shelf, or kinds of slide drawers if you are in need.

  4. Nitrogen flow meter: A nitrogen flow meter could be added to the N2 cabinet to adjust the flow of the N2 filling, and the position of the flowmeter could be chosen as you need.

  5. Warning light and buzzer: It could be added to a cabinet or HT-5D flowmeter for clients to easily monitor the equipment humidity and temperature status.

  6. ESD wheels: You could add ESD wheels if you are in need of this function.

  7. Nitrogen Filling Module(QDN): QDN module could be added to your dry cabinet to update dry cabinet into a nitrogen cabinet if you want to get a fast recovery time or low humidity.

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