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Dryzone Dry Cabinet For Semiconductor

Dryzone drying boxes could provide and maintain relative humidity <1%RH. The introduction of such automatic electronic drying boxes in the manufacturing process eliminates potential defects caused by humidity in IC packages and printed circuit boards (PCBs).

With the introduction of lead-free products, proper handling and preservation of these moisture-sensitive Devices(MSDs) are more important than ever. That's why all the drying boxes are cleverly designed to hold all kinds of moisture-sensitive components and all kinds of printed circuit boards during the manufacturing process. As one of the professional dry cabinet manufacturers in China, we provide quality drying cabinet for sale for the following types of moisture-sensitive components:

1) IC seal

• Moisture-proof packaging after opening CSP, BGA, QFP low moisture storage

• Low humidity storage of PLD, etc

2) Printed Circuit (PCB)

• Moisture and dehumidification of organic multilayer sheet and the printed wiring board

• Low humidity storage of Pattern Film in the manufacturing process, etc

3) Silicon Wafers

• anti-oxidation

• Dust control, etc

4) Ceramics

• Dehumidification storage of ceramic panels, ceramic instruments and ceramic materials (powder), etc

5) Liquid crystal glass substrate (LGG Board)

• Dry storage at room temperature after cleaning (keep the glass smooth and prevent dust on the surface)

6) Optical Fiber, CCD

• Low humidity storage of Microlens

• It is not suitable for long-term dehumidification storage of high-temperature treatment instruments, etc

7) Crystal Resonator

• Quartz chip, low moisture storage of electrode material bonding material

8) Other electronic components

• Anti-oxidation storage of Lead Frame and Bending Wire