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Commercial Drying Cabinet

Commercial Drying Cabinet

Weather changes all day long and the relative humidity also fluctuates frequently.

The difference between high and low peak of humidity could be even more than 45% RH during one day. Musical instrument, such as violin, cello, guitar, etc and other valued things like cameras, telescopes, CDS, paintings, antiques, stamp collection, tea, coffee, should be protect in constant stable humidity. Commerical dry cabinet are specially designed those things with adjustable humidity 25-50%RH and steel shelves with heavy load tolerance durability.


Types of Commercial Drying Cabinet


  • Capacity: 124L

  • External Dimension: W400*D408*H895mm

  • Internal Dimension: W398*D380*H823mm

  • Shelves: 3units

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  • Capacity: 255L

  • External Dimension: W400*D528*H1375mm

  • Internal Dimension: W398*D500*H1280mm

  • Shelves: 3units

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Advantage of Commerical Dry Cabinet

Advantage of Commerical Dry Cabinet

  1. Two different display: LED decimal display and LCD decimal display.

  2. The host cover is made by PPS,  heat resistance can be 230℃, it is a very safe design.

  3. Beautiful back design, the host does not occupy space.

  4. Special shelves for different instruments can be chose.

Faqs About Commercial Drying Cabinets

Faqs About  Commercial Drying Cabinets

Why Musical Instrument Need to Put in Dry Cabinet?

Crack protection: properly placed in the well protected moisture-proof cabinets is the best way to protect instrument.

Big temperature and humidity difference increase the possibility of cracking and degumming.

Stabilization: instruments need to be in a very stable humidity and temperature environment in order to maintain the stability of the sweet sound, then you don't need tone tuning very often which will lead to damage of instrument.

What Are Commercial Drying Cabinets Used For?

Not only moisture-proof but also shock-proof, this dehumidifying dry storage cabinet could protect the security of the instrument to avoid external force or an earthquake Collision damage.

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