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Baking Dry Cabinet

Baking Dry Cabinet

Dryzone baking dry cabinet could stimulate 100% internal moisture: combined with the dual characteristics of baking and dehumidification, the surface of the electronic components and the deep water molecules inside could all be stimulated out and make it completely dry. It not only completely avoids the potential thermal damage  easy oxidation of electronic components when the traditional 125℃ oven is baking, but also solves the problem that moisture is attached to the components again after cooling.

Dryzone baking dry cabinet is specially design for those kinds of electronic chips, electronic components with high sensitivity to humidity and kinds of wafers, BGA, PCB which need ultra-low humidity environment storage


Baking Dry Cabinet Type

E60C-600 Baking Dry Cabinet

  • Temperature Range: 40~60℃ adjustable,<1%RH

  • Outside Dimension: W600*D780*H1966MM

  • Internal Dimension: W540*D500*H1460MM

  • Capacity: 426L

  • Shelves: 5 pcs SUS304, adjustable

  • Loading Capacity of Shelf: 80 kgs/per shelf

  • Color: Black

  • Structure: 1mm carbon steel with ESD paint, double layer filled with insulation cotton

  • Display Precision: ±3%RH;±1°C

  • Resolution: 0.1%RH; 0.1°C

  • Power Consumption: Ave.350W/h; Max. 1650W

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Benefits of Dryzone Baking Dry Cabinet

Benefits of Dryzone Baking Dry Cabinet

Wide application in resetting the floor life:

Moisture sensitivity SMD packages which are exposed to the air and exceed the floor life should be stored in the baking cabinet for resetting the floor life.For example, if MSD parts of MSD level4,5 and 5a are exposed for less than eight hours,they can be stored in a dry cabinet for resetting the floor life

Labor saving:

SMD packages shipped in low temperature carriers may not be baked in a high temperature oven with the temperature than 40℃, as it will cause deformation of the carriers.Storing in Dryzone baking dry cabinet, operators do not need to remove the SMD packages to the thermally safer carriers. These drying storage cabinets for component storage saves labor cost and eliminate the chance of damaging the carriers.

Why E60C Series Baking Dry Cabinet

Why E60C Series Baking Dry Cabinet
E60C-1200-6 Baking Dry Cabinet
  • Temperature: 40 ~60℃ (adjustable),humidity <1%RH  

  • Outside Dimension: W1200*D780*H1966mm

  • Internal Dimension: W1086*D587*H1496mm

  • Capacity: 954L

  • Shelves: 5 Shelves SUS                                                                

  • Power Consumption: 1000w/h(Ave); 2110w/h(Max)                             

  • Color: Black                                                                              
    Voltage: 230V/110V

Why E60C Series Baking Dry Cabinet
E60C-600 Baking Dry Cabinet
  • Temperature:  40 ~60℃ (adjustable),humidity <1%RH   

  • Outside Dimension:  W600*D780*H1966MM

  • Internal Dimension: W486*D587*H1496MM

  • Capacity: 426L

  • Shelves: 3 Shelves SUS                                           

  • Power Consumption:600w/h(Ave); 1145w/h(Max)

  • Color: Black                     

  • ESD Paint: 106~109Ω

Baking Dry Cabinet FAQs

Baking Dry Cabinet FAQs

Why you need a baking dry cabinet?

According to  J-STD-033B.1, Table 4-1 and Table 4-3, Mounted or Unmounted SMD packages should be put in baking dry cabinet to reset the floor life.

If you do not want heating function, could you close this function?

Yes, you could turn off the heating function to let the baking dry cabinet be a simple dry cabinet if you do not need the function.

What is the advantage of the Dryzone baking dry cabinet compare to oven?

Dryzone baking dry cabinet combines the heating and drying function together and could not only dry the surface of the electronic components, but also the inside humidity.

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