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Dryzone Dry Cabinet For SMT

SMT surface mounting technology includes many aspects, such as the design and manufacturing technology of electronic components and integrated circuits, the circuit design technology of electronic products, the design and manufacturing technology of automatic mounting equipment, the development, and production technology of auxiliary materials used in assembly and manufacturing, etc. The main process of SMD is to package the LED light-emitting chip in the bracket to form the lamp bead (SMD table attachment), and then stick the lamp bead on the PCB board through solder. Then put the surface paste parts and PCB board into reflow welding for sintering and solidification), then weld the LED wire through pressure welding technology, encapsulate the bracket with epoxy resin for dispensing, forming a display module, and then splice the module into a unit.

Humidity-controlled storage cabinet is widely used in the MSD industry for long-term storage of devices, short-time storage on production lines, panels, components, and partially assembled PCBs can benefit from ultra-low moisture storage.

As is known to all, MSD absorbing moisture will produce many harms such as oxidation, weldability decline, subsequent processing technology decline, reliability affected, and so on, and these harms are mainly reflected in two ways: pressure difference damage, and alloy line and pin oxidation.

For moisture, which can cause pressure difference damage, safety can be regained by removing moisture from the MSD and resetting the lifetime of the MSD; The usual practice is to use low-temperature baking to remove moisture from the MSD and achieve a reset of a lifetime.

Under the storage environment of 5%RH low humidity, the moisture precipitation rate is very slow once the SMD has absorbed the moisture, which is not suitable for online production process application. At the same time, the low-humidity storage method can only dehumidify and regenerate MSD after it is exposed to a humid environment for a short time, which is more suitable for long-term storage of MSD.

And low-temperature baking dehumidification method, dehumidification, and regeneration efficiency are higher. For some high-temperature sensitive MSDS, high-temperature baking can cause oxidation, lead blackening, and reduced solderability. Low-temperature baking belongs to mild baking, will not cause any loss to all kinds of SMD, can prevent the emergence of all kinds of potentially defective products, but also can prevent the storage of goods out of the box within an hour of moisture absorption.

As one of the professional dry cabinet suppliers in China, Dryzone offers low-temperature baking and drying cabinet combined with ultra-low dehumidification technology, and low-temperature baking, which fully meets the environmental requirements of 40℃+5%RH and provides solutions for the SMT/ packaging testing /PCB/LED industry due to BGA, IC, LED, CCD, QFP, SOP and other attached moisture caused by empty welding, expansion, burst, and other problems. Greatly improve the package yield.