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Dryzone Dry Cabinet For Phoelectric Optical Communication

With the rapid development of science and technology, electronic products permeate into photoelectric materials and components, optical instruments, optical communication industry, photoelectric display, laser and laser applications, photoelectric equipment and electronic components, SMT surface mount, semiconductor industry and other scientific fields. Because modern new equipment is equipped with a large number of electronic accessories and components, these miniature electronic components, integrated circuit boards, plug-in chips, small composite material modules and electronic components with specific functions.

On average every year, photoelectric materials are damaged by moisture and mildew due to improper storage, resulting in abnormal photoelectric communication products produced by using these bad photoelectric materials, resulting in a large number of economic losses. So how can we preserve photoelectric materials without affecting daily use? Moisture is the bane of all photovoltaic materials. If no moisture-proof in daily work for the photoelectric materials, the finished products is easy to appear problem, so the photoelectric materials need a high quality moisture-proof box to preserve, moisture-proof box can control the humidity inside, make the goods not affected by the moisture. If the cabinet door is often opened, the moisture-proof cabinet with faster dehumidification speed is selected. Otherwise, because the door is too often opened, the humidity in the cabinet will be difficult to come down. Normal dry cabinet combined with N2 filling would be a good choice.Photoelectric materials storage not only need to pay attention to moisture-proof but also anti-static, static electricity is more harmful to photoelectric materials, static electricity can prevent the transmission of photoelectric media, resulting in the breakdown of photoelectric products. So photoelectric material chooses moisture-proof humidity storage cabinet with anti-static function is a must.

  • Can effectively prevent wafer or semi-finished grain in open state, TFT-LCD glass stack produced by moisture mildew

  • It can prevent the oxidation of the metal part of optical fiber K gold joint, Bonding gold wire material, Leadframe copper material and other peri

  • Electronic moisture-proof box can prevent "goldfinger" tin splashing caused by explosive exhaust of PCB substrate before SMT when reflow.

  • Can effectively prevent IC (including QFP/BGA/CSP) integrated circuit and other components in the storage of internal oxidation short circuit, as well as in the welding internal micro crack, separation delamination, external generation of "popcorn" phenomenon.