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Common Dry Cabinet Malfunctions and Solutions

Why hasn't the humidity of the dry cabinet reached the set value after being powered on for a while?

Since the electronic dry cabinet needs to be powered on for a long time to maintain humidity stability, it relies on molecular sieves to physically absorb moisture and the airflow inside the cabinet to remove humidity, so the dehumidification process is relatively slow. In addition, the dehumidification speed will also be determined by the local environmental humidity, the amount and type of items stored in the dry cabinet. Additionally, the dry cabinet has been packaged and the humidity may be slightly high, so it is recommended to power it on and run it for 24 hours after setting the humidity, wait until the dry storage humidity inside the cabinet reaches the set value and becomes stable before placing items in it.

Why is the humidity on the dry cabinet showing 27%RH while the set humidity is 30%RH?

First of all, the dry cabinet only has a dehumidification function but not a humidification function. If the indoor humidity in your area is lower than 30%RH, it is impossible to set the RH dry cabinet to over 30RH%. If you want to stabilize the humidity at 30%RH, the prerequisite is that the indoor humidity should be above 30%RH. It is recommended that the environmental humidity should be higher than your desired set value by 10%RH or more so that the dry cabinet can have better dehumidification effect. Also, there will be a process to stop dehumidification after the humidity reaches the set value, during which the humidity may decrease by a few points, which is a normal phenomenon.

Why does the electronic dry cabinet seem to have poor sealing?

First of all, the electronics dry storage cabinet is not completely sealed because they need to exhaust the moisture in the cabinet through the dehumidification core to the outside. In this process, the core is not sealed and the humidity does not decrease. In addition, if it is equipped with nitrogen function, there are also factors involved in gas replacement, so the dry cabinet is not completely sealed.

Why is there a deviation between the humidity displayed inside the dry cabinet and the humidity meter?

Different brands and types of humidity meters have different sensitivities, so there will be some errors. Most of the humidity meters on the market use a pointer or analog humidity sensors, while high-quality manufacturers use imported digital sensors with higher temperature and humidity accuracy, more sensitive display, and have been validated with temperature and humidity, so you can rest assured using high-quality temperature and humidity display systems.

After using the electronic dry cabinet for a period of time, the display suddenly goes blank without any indication

There are generally two reasons for this phenomenon. One is that the power supply output of the circuit board that provides power to the display is unavailable, and the other is that the display is damaged. The solution is to remove the signal line at the back of the display screen and use a multimeter to measure whether the red and black wires have a DC voltage output of about 5V. If yes, the display is damaged and needs to be replaced. If there is no direct current 5V output, the power supply board supplying power to the display is damaged and needs to be replaced.