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Difference Between A Nitrogen Cabinet And A Moisture-proof Cabinet

Moisture-proof cabinets, as the name suggests, are cabinets that are designed to prevent moisture. What is the difference between a nitrogen cabinet and a moisture-proof cabinet? 

1. The difference between nitrogen cabinet and moisture-proof cabinet

Nitrogen cabinet is a traditional anti-oxidation storage device, which can be configured with different control functions according to application requirements, and is used in microelectronics, semiconductor and other industries. Do you know the difference between a nitrogen dry box and a moisture-proof cabinet? Nitrogen cabinets are traditionally used as anti-oxidation storage devices, and moisture-proof cabinets are anti-oxidation storage devices that have emerged in recent years. So what are the benefits of anti-oxidation storage in electronic moisture-proof cabinets today? What is the difference between anti-oxidation storage in nitrogen cabinets? In the past, moisture-proof cabinets were mainly used for moisture-proof storage, and anti-oxidation storage was rarely used. For the oxidation of items, the oxidation reaction mainly occurs when oxygen in the air contacts metal materials. The anti-oxidation method of the nitrogen cabinet is to create an oxygen-free environment in the cabinet to achieve the anti-oxidation effect. In fact, in addition to the reaction of oxygen, the catalytic effect of moisture is also obvious, so electronic moisture-proof cabinets will be used to create a low-humidity environment for storing metal materials to prevent oxidation.

In terms of effect, the oxygen-free environment created by the nitrogen cabinet is definitely a better way to prevent oxidation, while the anti-oxidation of the moisture-proof cabinet only reduces the oxidation reaction to a relatively low level, so it has no effect on the product. At first glance, the effect of the nitrogen cabinet is undoubtedly better, but in fact the operation of the equipment cannot reach the ideal state. Even if the nitrogen concentration in the nitrogen cabinet can reach 90%, it is ideal, but the 90% nitrogen concentration will also produce oxidation reactions. Similarly, the anti-oxidation storage of electronic moisture-proof cabinets also requires relatively good performance of the equipment. In order to achieve good anti-oxidation effects, the moisture-proof cabinets need to have fast and ultra-low humidity functions. If it is below 5%RH and has the performance of quick recovery of humidity in 5-10 minutes, it can achieve the same anti-oxidation effect as the high-purity large-flow nitrogen cabinet.

2. The main function of the moisture-proof cabinet is to store some items that are prone to moisture

Such as dry cabinet for electronic components, optical instruments, tea, etc. Now there are many brands of moisture-proof cabinets on the market. It can be said that its appearance has greatly improved people's home life. In the future, there is no need to worry about things being damp due to long storage time. Because its technology has been improving, there are more and more types of moisture-proof cabinets. At present, there are mainly electronic moisture-proof cabinets and nitrogen moisture-proof cabinets. According to their moisture-proof items, they can be divided into three types: ordinary electronic moisture-proof cabinets, low-temperature baking moisture-proof cabinets, and professional camera moisture-proof cabinets. Different types of moisture-proof effects are different. At present, there are many brands of moisture-proof cabinets on the market. These brands have different products and have been recognized by consumers in different fields.