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How to Choose the Nitrogen Cabinet?

Nitrogen cabinet, also known as intelligent nitrogen cabinet, anti-static nitrogen cabinet, nitrogen protection cabinet, chip cabinet, wafer protection cabinet, is mainly used for oxidation prevention and preservation of wafers, chips, epitaxial wafers, precision dry box electronic components, electronic materials and other products in the semiconductor, optoelectronic, and electronic industries. So, how to choose the nitrogen cabinet?

There are several materials to choose from when selecting a nitrogen cabinet

  • Cold-rolled steel + anti-static spray paint, which can meet the storage needs of products under normal environments.

  • Stainless steel (including mirror stainless steel and wire-drawn stainless steel), which is mainly used in class 100 and above clean rooms or environments with corrosion.

  • PP material, which is suitable for use in highly corrosive gas environments.

  • Transparent acrylic, with good light transmission, easy observation, light weight, and wear resistance.

Selection of nitrogen cabinet size

You can choose different materials according to the requirements of different products. Each dry nitrogen box manufacturer has its own standard products. As long as the specifications can meet the product size requirements that need to be preserved, the product can be customized according to the special requirements of the product.

Dryzone provides a wide range of sizes for nitrogen cabinets that cater to diverse industry requirements. When selecting the right size nitrogen cabinet, factors such as the amount, size and sensitivity of items to be stored, humidity and temperature controls, and the desired level of nitrogen flow, must be considered. Dryzone, one of the top dry cabinet manufacturers, offers nitrogen desiccator cabinets with various features to ensure optimal performance, making it easy to select a suitable size. A humidity controlled storage cabinet with nitrogen purging and additional features may be the perfect solution for maintaining the longevity and quality of stored equipment.

Selection of nitrogen cabinet humidity

The nitrogen opening of the nitrogen cabinet is mainly controlled by setting the humidity value to control the closing of the nitrogen solenoid valve. The humidity range of the conventional nitrogen cabinet is basically between 1% and 50% RH, which can meet the requirements of product humidity, whether it is 1%, 5%, or 20%. Set the humidity value before use.

Options for nitrogen cabinet features

  • Temperature and humidity curves, which can currently be viewed by connecting the RS232 or 485 interface to a computer.

  • Oxygen content display or control.

  • Data recording and storage.

  • Internal smart lighting, also known as door-open lighting.

  • Temperature and humidity exceedance and door-open alarms.

  • High-end fulcrum wheels. There are other optional features available when choosing a nitrogen cabinet, which can be designed according to the product's own requirements.

Intelligent nitrogen cabinets are essential equipment in the semiconductor industry, whether for front-end wafer manufacturing or back-end chip packaging, especially for the control of oxygen content and humidity during wafer storage. Currently, the intelligent nitrogen cabinet on the market mainly controls the opening and closing of the nitrogen solenoid valve by humidity. Before use, set the humidity of the nitrogen cabinet. If the humidity does not reach the set humidity value, the solenoid valve will open, and nitrogen will continue to enter. If the humidity drops below the set value, the solenoid valve will close, and the nitrogen will stop flowing.