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How to Use an Electronic Moisture-Proof Cabinet for Photography Equipment?

Nowadays, the use of electronic devices is becoming more and more common, and many photography enthusiasts attach great importance to the storage and backup of photographic equipment. Electronic moisture-proof cabinets have become their preferred choice.

Due to the high sensitivity of electronic products, there are many requirements for moisture-proofing, especially in some southern regions during the rainy season, moisture-proofing of photographic equipment is a headache in our daily maintenance. Of course, sometimes we use digital cameras in humid conditions. What should we do? The emergence of photography dry cabinets has solved this problem to a certain extent.

Use electronic moisture-proof cabinets to store photographic equipment

Consider purchasing a waterproof cover for the camera. After using the digital camera in rainy or humid conditions, gently wipe off the water droplets or water vapor adhering to the surface of the camera with a clean and soft cloth, and blow the fine seams of each part with a rubber blower. Place the camera in a dry, ventilated, and sunless place, test whether the camera has any malfunctions after drying, and then store it in a sealed container with some desiccant or store it independently in a moisture-proof space in drying storage cabinets for component storage. There are many methods to prevent cameras from being waterproof, moisture-proof, and mildew-proof, and the preservation methods are also different. For long-term storage, you can choose a sealed and moisture-proof box, but pay attention that the humidity of the humidity control cabinet for camera is not the lower the better. The electronic moisture-proof cabinet can control the humidity freely, and can control the humidity required for moisture-proof storage, with strong dehumidification, no consumables, silent operation, faster and more stable dehumidification, no thermal deformation, no water vapor, and good air tightness.

Solutions to common problems of electronic moisture-proof cabinets

We will also encounter some problems when using electronic moisture-proof cabinets, such as the temperature of the electronic moisture-proof cabinet not decreasing or decreasing slowly, making it impossible to reach the expected set value. What generally causes this?

  • The humidity inside the electronic moisture-proof cabinet is a very sensitive data, and there are many external environmental factors that can affect it, so it cannot be placed on the air outlet, and fiber materials such as paper should also be avoided inside.

  • Since the dry cabinet dehumidifier manufacturer's electronic moisture-proof cabinets use multiple dehumidifier cores to work and ensure the speed of dehumidification. Each dehumidifier core has a power line, which leads to many wiring connections. Customers often connect the power lines incorrectly, causing one or even multiple dehumidifier cores not to work, resulting in slow or no decrease in humidity. As customers provide feedback, the power lines of electronic moisture-proof cabinets are basically fixed or the customer service staff confirms the connection method.

When we understand the reasons why the temperature of the electronic dry cabinet does not decrease or decreases slowly, we can solve some maintenance problems. In the process of use, we still need to pay attention to daily maintenance in order to better protect our photographic equipment.