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Principle And Use Method Of Nitrogen Gas Holder

In the semiconductor, optoelectronic and precision electronics industries, many components and materials are subject to moisture or oxidation when stored directly in an ordinary environment. Nitrogen N2 has a stable physical structure and is a relatively low cost gas that is just right as a protective gas for products. The nitrogen cabinet is to protect the products that need to be stored by nitrogen atmosphere.

The nitrogen cabinet consists of three main parts

1, the cabinet part, each door is surrounded by magnetic sealing tape, the middle glass around also has a press seal rubber cotton to ensure the overall sealing of the cabinet.

2, pipeline part, nitrogen pipeline - nitrogen flow meter - nitrogen saving module QDN - pipeline into the cabinet.

3, the circuit part, there are mainly power supply, control panel, power box.

The choice of nitrogen cabinet materials, there are mainly the following

1, cold-rolled steel + anti-static spraying; can meet the storage of products in ordinary environments.

2, stainless steel (also divided into mirror stainless steel, brushed stainless steel), mainly used for class100 grade and above clean room or corrosive environment.

Nitrogen cabinet workflow and principle

Determine the humidity conditions required for product storage - set the humidity value through the control panel - QDN opens, nitrogen starts to fill - set humidity value is reached, QDN closes. Nitrogen enters the cabinet, the air inside the cabinet is gradually diluted by nitrogen, the humidity and oxygen content will also be gradually reduced. The nitrogen is continuously filled and at the same time the pressure inside the cabinet rises, compressing the sealing tape and causing the original air to be replaced quickly. Also note that the pressure of the external nitrogen should not be too high, the specific use is adjusted according to the n2 cabinet specifications.