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Temperature Control Principles and Characteristics of Various Types of Nitrogen Cabinets

Nitrogen cabinets are commonly used in the electronics industry for low humidity requirements. Nitrogen cabinets do not dehumidify. They dry by displacing the oxygen in the sealed box with nitrogen. The main problem with using nitrogen cabinets is that the operating costs are too high.

Principles of dry cabinet with temperature control

Nitrogen cabinets use microcomputer automatic sensing control and are used with nitrogen. When the humidity exceeds the set value, nitrogen will be automatically sprayed in, and it will automatically stop when the humidity reaches the set value to effectively protect items and save energy. Nitrogen cabinets have dry nitrogen storage cabinets or devices with built-in high-purity nitrogen generators. The goal is to achieve nitrogen storage and anti-oxidation by controlling the relative humidity and oxygen concentration inside. Depending on the application requirements, different control functions can be configured. They are widely used in microelectronics, semiconductor, and other industries. Their main features include:

  • Microcomputer control, digital display of temperature and humidity, humidity display value of 1%-99%, and temperature display value of 1-99℃.

  • Intelligent nitrogen-saving equipment, can save 70% of nitrogen.

  • The humidity can be set at any humidity range of 1%-50%RH after use.

  • The temperature and humidity sensors use original imported brands, and the temperature and humidity are independently displayed, with a long service life. The humidity setting has a memory function, and no need to set it again after power failure.

  • Nitrogen storage cabinets are equipped with standard nitrogen flow meters, and you can freely set and adjust the flow rate according to your needs, which is very simple and quick.

  • Suitable for storing materials sensitive to oxygen and humidity, with fast dehumidification speed that can reduce to ≤5%RH in 5-10 minutes.

Characteristics of various types of nitrogen cabinets

Nitrogen cabinets use nitrogen to reduce humidity and anti-oxidation. They have no fan, no noise, no condensation, no frosting, no heat effect, stable dehumidification effect, and the more nitrogen that is filled, the lower the humidity will be. The anti-oxidation effect will also be better. The following are the four major classifications of nitrogen storage cabinets for everyone's reference:

Manual nitrogen charging

The simplest way with no control function, the equipment requirements are not high, and nitrogen is constantly charged and discharged after setting the flowmeter.

Automatic nitrogen charging

On the basis of the above, adding a humidity sensor to control the nitrogen supply and shut off automatically by utilizing the low dew point of nitrogen to quickly reduce the humidity inside the cabinet, achieving the function of automatic control, and having a certain nitrogen-saving function. However, the internal oxygen content cannot be controlled and may even be higher than manual cabinets.

Fully automatic nitrogen cabinet

Based on the automatic nitrogen cabinets, the control target is changed to control the concentration of nitrogen or oxygen to achieve the supply and cut off of nitrogen. This control method can truly control the internal oxygen content and achieve the purpose of anti-oxidation. It also has higher nitrogen-saving function.

Fully automatic self-made nitrogen cabinet

On the basis of fully automatic nitrogen storage cabinets, an nitrogen-generating device is built-in. It can achieve internal oxygen concentration and true 100% nitrogen-saving effects without an external nitrogen source.