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Guitar Maintenance - Guitar Constant Humidity Cabinet

The change of seasons is accompanied by humid air, and we all know that in summer, high temperatures and humidity are the biggest killers of guitars. In order to let your beloved guitar can accompany you through this summer peacefully, we come together to understand the guitar maintenance.

A guitar without humidity controlled guitar cabinet protection will be what

  • Physical deformation: as the guitar is a wooden product will absorb moisture in the air, which leads to physical deformation. The most common is the arching of the top, the thinner top absorbed a lot of moisture expansion, by the direction of string tension and bulge upwards, and eventually produce string spacing increased, the top distortion and other serious impact on the playing feeling of the situation appeared. If exposed to extreme humidity for long periods of time, this can lead to further irreversible effects such as debonding of the sound beam and bridge.

  • Changes in tone: As a guitar made of wood, sound is transmitted through the vibration of the wood molecules, and too much moisture inside the wood can seriously interfere with the sound transmission of the guitar, resulting in a dull and impervious tone and a serious impact on resonance.

  • Damage to the finish: Whether it is NC or PU, etc. the finish is not designed to be waterproof, so long-term exposure to high humidity will accelerate the irreversible problems of softening, denting and creasing of the guitar finish.

  • String deterioration: Excessively humid air will accelerate the oxidation and rusting of the metal surface, losing its lustre and shortening its life. Both the strings and metal parts such as string winders need to be protected from prolonged exposure to moisture.

How to care for your guitar - Humidity controlled guitar cabinet

In order to deal with the damage caused to guitars by summer humidity, we need to find ways to control the storage environment of guitars as much as possible. The best environmental relative humidity for guitars should be controlled at around 30%. Within this range, both full and top-sheet guitars will be in good condition. The most straightforward and effective way to do this is to purchase a special instrument humidity cabinet. It allows precise humidity regulation and dehumidification by means of a built-in semiconductor condensing chip that evaporates the damp air inside the case to the outside. At the same time, the humidity controlled guitar cabinet can also be humidified in the winter when it is dry, thus killing two birds with one stone.

musical-instrument-dry-cabinet-hdl-300_1652255160.jpg drying-cabinet-c1u-575.jpg

A humidity controlled guitar cabinet is a must-have for any guitar player who wants to keep their instrument in top condition. Unlike standard a guitar humidity cabinet or dry storage cabinet, a humidity controlled guitar cabinet provides an extra layer of protection by maintaining a constant level of humidity. This is especially important for expensive or vintage guitars that require precise environmental conditions to avoid damage. By investing in a humidity controlled guitar cabinet, you can rest assured that your instrument is kept in the optimum environment, preventing issues like warping, cracking, and other forms of damage.