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How to Set the Humidity of the Drying Cabinet?

What humidity should be maintained when storing different items? Learn more about it below!

Humidity of dry cabinets for optical lenses

For digital cameras, monitoring cameras, wide-angle lenses, optical microscopes, and high-magnification lenses, the humidity level should be set at 40-50%RH during storage. Wide-angle lenses may develop mold due to cold and humidity. Cameras with wide-angle lenses, such as cameras, digital cameras, and camcorders, are particularly sensitive to environmental humidity. If the surface of a wide-angle lens is touched by water containing yellow mold, it will gradually corrode the inside of the lens, causing harm.

The International Camera Industry Association emphasizes that when the temperature is below 10℃, or the environmental humidity is below 60RH, yellow mold will stop growing. Yellow mold can grow and develop at an environmental humidity of 60RH, and it will produce flammable growth between 70RH and 90RH! Therefore, the lower limit of environmental humidity for storing cameras should not be less than 40RH, and the upper limit should not exceed 60RH. The optimal range is 40RH to 50RH! The environmental humidity for storing floppy disks, tapes, PPTs, photos, film cameras, magnetic tapes, electronic optical film, digital cameras, and digital camcorders in dry cabinets should be set at 40-50%RH.

Humidity of constant temperature and humidity dry cabinets for film

Here is a brief mention of the humidity dry cabinet for film, although the market share of film cameras has been far surpassed by digital cameras in recent years. Considering the retro trend of film in recent years, more people are using film cameras than before. Film can be stored for nearly 70 years at a relative humidity of 10rh. This number drops to 20 years at a relative humidity of 70rh, highlighting the importance of lower humidity levels for better storage results. In addition to humidity, temperature is also a significant factor in determining the storage time of film. Here, it is recommended that both humidity and temperature be as low as possible.

Humidity of constant temperature and humidity dry cabinets for instruments

Scientifically speaking, the sound of a piano is relatively suitable when the humidity is between 25-35%RH. Generally, it is not necessary to be too scrupulous. Humidity is probably like people. If people are comfortable, so is the piano. If we want to be more precise, South and North China and summer and winter have different humidity requirements. The humidity storage cabinet for storing instruments should be set at around 25rh-35rh.