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Guitar Maintenance - Humidity Controlled Guitar Cabinet

Seasonal changes are accompanied by humid air, and we all know that in summer, high temperature and humidity are their biggest killers for guitars. In order to let your beloved guitar accompany you through the summer, let's take a look at the maintenance of the guitar.

What Will happen Without the Protection of the Humidity Controlled Guitar Cabinet?

  • Physical deformation: Since the guitar is a wooden product, it will absorb moisture in the air, resulting in physical deformation. The most common situation is that the panel is arched, since the thinner panel absorbs a lot of water and then expands, and it bulges upwards in the direction of the tension of the strings. Eventually, the string spacing increases and the panel is twisted, which seriously affects the performance. If exposed to extreme humidity for a long time, it will further cause irreversible consequences such as debonding of the bracing and bridge.

  • Tone change: As a guitar made of wood, the conduction of sound is transmitted through the vibration of wood molecules, and the excessive moisture contained in the wood seriously interferes with the sound conduction of the guitar, resulting in incomprehensible timbre and a serious impact on resonance.

  • Damage to the paint surface: Whether it is NC or PU, the paint surface is not especially used for waterproofing, so the guitar paint surface exposed to a high humidity environment for a long time will accelerate the appearance of paint film softening, denting, and irreversible problems such as wrinkles.

  • String aging: Too humid air will accelerate the oxidation and rust of the metal surface, lose its luster and shorten the service life. Whether it is strings or metal parts such as tuners, try to avoid long exposure to moisture.

How to Maintain the Guitar: Humidity-Controlled Guitar Cabinet

In order to deal with the damage to the guitar caused by the humid climate in summer, we must try to control the storage environment of the guitar as much as possible. The best ambient relative humidity for guitars should be controlled at around 30%. Within this range, whether it is a full single piano or a face single piano, it can achieve a very good state. The most direct and effective method of operation is to buy a humidity-controlled guitar cabinet. It can precisely control the humidity and use the built-in semiconductor condensing chip to volatilize the humid air in the box to the outside for dehumidification. At the same time, the humidity-controlled guitar cabinet can also be humidified in the dry winter to achieve the effect of killing two birds with one stone.


Guitar humidity cabinet is not only useful for controlling the level of humidity but dry storage cabinets are also a popular choice for guitarists who need to store their instruments for longer periods of time. These cabinets have a dehumidifying system that keeps the humidity levels stable and low. This is particularly useful in areas with high humidity levels or during the winter months when indoor heating can lower the humidity levels. Dry storage cabinets are also helpful for preventing rust and corrosion on metal guitar parts, strings and hardware. By investing in a humidity-controlled guitar cabinet or a dry storage cabinet, guitarists can extend the life of their instruments and ensure they are always in top condition.