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How Does The Nitrogen Cabinet Achieve A Good Anti-oxidation Effect?

In industries such as semiconductors, optoelectronics, and precision electronics, many components and materials will be damp or oxidized if stored directly in ordinary environments. The physical structure of nitrogen N2 is stable, and the low-cost gas is just used as the protective gas of the product. Smart nitrogen cabinets are products that need to be stored through nitrogen protection.

Ⅰ. Classification of nitrogen cabinets

1. Ordinary nitrogen cabinet: It consists of a box body, a sealed door, a flow meter, adjustable movable laminates, and caster legs. It has clear edges and corners and a bright appearance. It can be customized according to different requirements of customers.

2. Energy-saving nitrogen cabinet: install an energy-saving nitrogen module on the basis of the ordinary nitrogen cabinet, which can better save nitrogen and understand the environment inside the cabinet more intuitively. Automated design can greatly reduce operating costs. It can be customized according to different requirements of customers.

3. Clean nitrogen cabinet: The cabinet frame is made of stainless steel mirror panel, with transparent glass door, bright appearance, can intuitively understand the current status of the objects in the cabinet, the adjustable laminate design stores objects of different sizes, and can also be configured as an energy-saving nitrogen cabinet, can be customized according to different requirements of customers.

Ⅱ. The nitrogen cabinet can play the best anti-oxidation reasons

Oxidation, as is well known, requires oxygen, the presence of which is a necessary condition for oxidation. What most people don't know, however, is that water vapor acts as a catalyst throughout the oxidation process. In the presence of water, the oxidation of the item will be more serious. Since anti-oxidation cannot be absolute in reality, it is our goal to achieve the best anti-oxidation effect of nitrogen cabinets. Therefore, the pursuit of anti-oxidation must start from all aspects. The nitrogen inert gas in the nitrogen dry box is one aspect, and the suppression of catalyst and moisture is the key to achieve the best anti-oxidation effect of the nitrogen cabinet.

However, ordinary nitrogen cabinets cannot control the humidity at will. This also leads to the fact that ordinary nitrogen gas cabinets cannot achieve good expected results in high-demand anti-oxidation occasions. The nitrogen cabinet that can achieve ultra-low humidity can be used by filling the electronic moisture-proof box with nitrogen. The industrial moisture-proof box itself has the ability to achieve low humidity. At this time, nitrogen gas can be filled to achieve both low humidity and an environment full of inert gas. For the anti-oxidation effect, it is an ideal method. However, the nitrogen filling of the moisture proof cabinets is also something to pay attention to. Traditional electronic moisture-proof boxes require higher quality nitrogen when filling with nitrogen. At this time, if the quality of nitrogen is not high, the humidity in the cabinet can only reach the humidity of nitrogen itself. This is due to the high filling amount of nitrogen, which causes the moisture absorption capacity of the electronic dehumidification core to fail to keep up. As a result, the humidity in the cabinet cannot reach the ideal state. For the real inflatable moisture-proof box, it is the best anti-oxidation nitrogen gas box under the condition of nitrogen filling.