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Structure of the Nitrogen Gas Cabinet

Nitrogen gas cabinet uses ammonia to achieve anti-oxidation and moisture-proof purposes. The enclosed cabinet has a nitrogen supply and exhaust passage. According to application requirements, it can be widely used in research and production processes of microelectronics, national defense, military industry, and other industries. Nitrogen storage cabinets are used for anti-oxidation and anti-corrosion of various semiconductor devices and sensitive components.

Structure and working principle of the main functional components of the nitrogen gas cabinet

Under the control of the control unit, it enters the cabinet at a predetermined value to protect the materials stored inside the cabinet. When the nitrogen gas cabinet control unit closes the door completely, the gas enters the cabinet at a preset low speed. The cabinet body is equipped with a door lock and a rubber strip door design to form the seal of the cabinet. However, the cabinet is not vacuum-designed, which is conducive to squeezing the air out of the gap to achieve dehumidification effect.

Ordinary nitrogen storage cabinets

With a box body, a teaching bar door, a flow meter, an adjustable layer board, caster feet, sharp edges, and a beautiful appearance. It can be customized according to different requirements of customers. Energy-saving nitrogen gas cabinets are installed on the basis of ordinary nitrogen gas cabinets, which can better save nitrogen and intuitively understand the internal environment of the cabinet. The automation design can be customized according to different requirements of customers.

Display mode of nitrogen gas cabinet

The temperature and humidity are displayed at the same time, and the performance is stable. Cabinet structure: airtight cabinet for dedicated nitrogen tank, professionally designed, good air tightness, and no major deformation. The caster feet and brackets are easy to move and position. The multi-layer anti-rust paint treatment has strong corrosion resistance and is not easy to fall off, with a steel plate thickness of 1.0mm.

Nitrogen gas cabinet device

Customers use microcomputer automatic induction type nitrogen control. When the humidity exceeds the set value, nitrogen is automatically injected. When the humidity reaches the set value, it works automatically.

Advantages of smart nitrogen gas cabinets compared to traditional ordinary nitrogen gas cabinets

Smart nitrogen gas cabinets can effectively save nitrogen consumption and reduce production costs. Traditional nitrogen gas cabinets do not have nitrogen control devices, and only adjust nitrogen consumption through nitrogen valves or flow meters, resulting in continuous charging and consumption of nitrogen in high-pressure state. Smart nitrogen gas cabinets automatically stop charging after filling with nitrogen, and are equipped with electromagnetic valve devices inside to cut off the nitrogen source. At the same time, they have some corresponding mitigation effects on the amount of leakage. After opening and closing the door, the control system has a delay nitrogen filling function, which can achieve a very good nitrogen saving effect. Some experimental results have shown that smart nitrogen storage cabinets save about 40-60% of nitrogen compared to traditional ones. Smart nitrogen gas cabinets have temperature and humidity monitoring functions. Smart nitrogen gas cabinets are equipped with temperature and humidity display modules, while traditional nitrogen gas cabinets do not have temperature and humidity monitoring. The temperature and humidity status inside the cabinet can be clearly understood and grasped, which is convenient for management and control.

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