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Introduction of the Advantages of Electronic Moisture-Proof Cabinets

The electronic moisture-proof cabinet has a strong affinity for water molecules

The adsorption material uses imported molecular sieves with strong chemical stability, high adsorption capacity, sufficient mechanical strength, and high thermal stability. It can be regenerated repeatedly by heating, with a regeneration cycle of over 2000 times while still maintaining an adsorption capacity of 60%, which shows that molecular sieves have a great affinity for water molecules, one of its characteristics.

The electronic moisture-proof cabinet uses intelligent material "shape memory alloy spring"

As this material can familiarize itself with the shape and length in both high and low temperatures (two memories), moisture absorption and reduction can be controlled by heating and cooling, allowing for the opening and closing of the door. If the deformation rate of the spring is calculated based on the maximum value, the memory life can reach tens of thousands of times.

The electronic moisture-proof cabinet is energy-saving and pollution-free

The electronic moisture-proof cabinet has no motor drive, thermal insulation, magnetic isolation, static electricity prevention, dust prevention, theft prevention, low power consumption, or consumables. Therefore, the humidity control cabinet for camera is environmentally friendly, energy-saving, quiet, and pollution-free, which is its third characteristic.

The electronic moisture-proof cabinet is safe, reliable, has intuitive display, and automatic control

The electronic moisture-proof cabinet is safe and reliable, capable of quantitatively analyzing humidity changes in humidity control. Through the humidity sensor, temperature monitoring element, and A/D conversion circuit, temperature and humidity can be mutually converted, with moisture absorption, reduction, and lighting displays being intuitive. Once power is supplied to the cabinet and the set humidity is reached, the entire system will be automatically controlled with no need for manual operation.

The electronic moisture-proof cabinet is easy to operate, flexible, and cost-effective

The electronic moisture-proof cabinet can adjust humidity according to the type of stored items. Its size and functionality can be adjusted according to the user's requirements, making it highly versatile and practical. The electronic moisture-proof cabinet has a simple structure, advanced and mature technology, stable and reliable materials, convenient control, and intelligent management, which is its fifth unique advantage.

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