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The Uses of Electronic Moisture-Proof Cabinets in Daily Life and Industry

As electronic products become more popular, people's requirements for the storage environment of electronic products are gradually increasing. In addition to daily life, in industry, the dry storage of electronic products is also increasingly valued, and electronic moisture-proof cabinets are widely used.

Statistics show that more than 1/4 of global industrial manufacturing defects are related to humidity each year. High temperature and humidity environments are quite unsuitable for the preservation of instruments. The damage caused by dampness, mold, and metal oxidation can occur at any time. Often, when it is discovered, the machine has already failed and cannot be used. This not only takes time and money for subsequent maintenance and care, but also seriously affects work efficiency. The harm of dampness to industrial products and other items, non-metallic products mainly undergo mold and deliquescence, while metal products will have corrosion such as rust. Therefore, the electronic moisture-proof cabinet has become an indispensable device.

Electronic moisture-proof cabinets have become important equipment for life and industry

Storing many humidity-sensitive materials has always been a headache for various industries. In the past, the use of these dry storage cabinets for component storage was not yet popular, and electronic components and circuit boards were prone to virtual welding after absorbing moisture, which would cause an increase in the proportion of defective products. Although baking and dehumidification can be improved, it will cause the performance of the components to decline, which will directly affect product quality and use.

Industrial instruments such as laboratory test paper, pH meters, samples, reagents, powder materials, temperature and humidity measuring instruments, electronic measurement instruments, metal materials, etc. should all be protected against dampness and dust. In the era of modern industrial production, electronic moisture-proof cabinets have been widely used in the storage of electronic products in various industries.

The main function of electronic moisture-proof cabinets: it can be specifically used to protect electronic components

Poor storage environments can easily cause electronic components to become damp or oxidized. The environment for storing electronic components must be dry to prevent moisture from penetrating into the interior of electronic components. The main moisture-proof method used in industry now is to use electronic moisture-proof cabinets, because the moisture-proof cabinets are energy-efficient and environmentally friendly, have a long service life and can be used for more than 10 years. All electronic moisture-proof cabinets are the mainstream moisture-proof methods currently used in industry.

Electronic moisture-proof cabinets generally use the cooling effect of semiconductors and the principle of condensation of moisture when encountering cold to dry the moisture in the cabinet, and then use the diffusion of humidity to dry the entire cabinet.

Dryzone, a leading dry box dehumidifier manufacturer in China, provides electronic product parts that need to be carefully maintained in both daily life and industry. As one of the main factors of product quality control in the electronic industry, moisture-proof devices such as electronic moisture-proof cabinets are becoming more and more common to protect products.