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How To Use Medical Drying Cabinet Correctly

Digital thermo hygrometer with high measuring accuracy and good shock resistance. The digital temp and humidity gauge is not affected by the depth of the object being measured.

Functional features of the digital thermo hygrometer

The digital thermohygrometer can be uploaded via GPRS, the measured data can be sent to the server in real time by one click or by setting the data sending interval, and the data can be viewed on the web page, wherever you have access to the internet, you can view and download the data. In addition, the digital temperature and humidity meter adopts low power consumption design, increase system monitoring and protection measures to avoid system crash, while its data storage is powerful, AC and DC dual-use, and has the collection settings, voice settings and voice alarm function.

The working principle of digital thermo hygrometer

Temperature and humidity meter can determine the temperature and humidity of the surrounding environment, so that people can understand the changes in temperature and humidity, so the temperature and humidity meter is used in many industries. Among them, digital thermohygrometer because of the high accuracy and sensitivity and popular among the general public.

A digital hygrometer is a type of electronic hygrometer, which mainly uses a temperature and humidity sensor, a single-sided machine and a digital tube to measure temperature and humidity.

Temperature and humidity sensors can also be called temperature and humidity probes, through the sensor temperature-sensitive elements of the probe around the degree of heat and cold and relative humidity into a convenient measurement of physical parameters, in the form of electrical signals will be temperature and humidity parameters to the single-sided machine.

The single-sided machine is equivalent to the processor of the thermohygrometer, after receiving the electrical signal from the sensor, it will be converted into the corresponding temperature and humidity displayed on the digital tube, then you can watch the parameters displayed on the digital tube and know the temperature and humidity.

The use of digital thermo hygrometer

The digital thermo hygrometer, also called digital temp and humidity gauge, is mainly used for monitoring and recording the temperature and humidity in the agricultural environment as well as in the storage and transportation of food, medicine and fresh goods.


Dryzone's digital thermo hygrometer is a must-have tool for those who want to monitor humidity and temperature levels efficiently. It provides a clear and accurate reading of the current conditions, allowing for easy adjustment to prevent damage to sensitive equipment. The digital hygrometer price is affordable, making it accessible for both professional and personal use. It is compatible with dry box hygrometer and other moisture control products, making it a versatile and practical choice. Whether for use in a guitar humidity cabinet or a medical drying cabinet, the Dryzone digital thermo hygrometer is a reliable way to keep humidity and temperature levels in check.