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Tips for Selecting a Moisture-proof Cabinet and Its Precautions

Purchasing a dehumidifying cabinet is essential but make sure to choose one that can control humidity in order to better preserve your belongings. Excessive moisture can cause mold and too much dryness can result in spoilage for many items such as cameras, lenses and leather goods. Too much moisture can lead to mold while being too dry can cause oils in the camera and lenses to be absorbed, leading to significant damage. Similarly, leather goods can crack due to excessive dryness. Thus, it is important to choose a dehumidifying cabinet that is suitable for each type of item in terms of the ideal humidity range for preservation. Therefore, do not blindly purchase a dehumidifying cabinet regardless of the brand. The most important factor is whether or not the cabinet's design can control humidity. A dehumidifying cabinet is simple in theory but difficult to balance in practice. The cabinet must cooperate with a microcomputer controller to maintain humidity balance. A perfect dehumidifying cabinet should be able to prevent excessive humidity and excessive dryness.

The range of electronic dehumidifying cabinets is extensive

There are both residential and industrial dehumidifying cabinets that can be used for items such as photographic films, digital cameras, digital electronic products, postage stamps, luxury collections, electronic chips, silicon wafers, medicines, and optical equipment, as well as industries such as solar energy and universities and research institutes, where installation is convenient.

There are some installation techniques for dehumidifying cabinets

  • The cabinet must be placed on a stable, leveled surface. 

  • The height of the actual box divider can be adjusted according to the items being stored. 

  • There should be some space behind the dehumidifying cabinet, at least 5 cm away from the wall or any other object. 

  • Do not place the cabinet in places with air flow, such as air conditioning outlets or hot spots. 

  • It is important to note that the cabinet should not be placed in areas with direct sunlight, smoke or water vapor.

  • Connect all power lines according to the order of the numbers on the power plug, and then plug in the power supply. 

  • The humidity can be adjusted to the desired value using the "UP" and "DOWN" buttons. 

  • For the first time after connection, as well as if the cabinet has not been used for an extended period of time, it is recommended to run the cabinet empty for more than 12 hours and confirm that the humidity has dropped to a lower level.

According to the standard, moisture-sensitive components (MSD) and printed circuit boards (PCB) should be stored in a dry environment to avoid cracking, swelling, delamination, and popcorn effect.  Gaoqiang Industrial Equipment moisture-proof cabinet is a professional humidity solution manufacturer that provides various models of moisture proof cabinets, nitrogen cabinet, moisture meters, ultra low humidity dry cabinet, baking and drying ovens, and other equipment that can control and monitor humidity environment, to meet customers' different requirements.