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Use of Dry Cabinets for Material Components in Military Industry Workshops

The military industry has always been a mysterious place for most ordinary people. The functionality of military industry products may not be very strong, but the biggest characteristic is that the quality must be excellent, with a basic safety guarantee. Moisture protection for material components is one of the important aspects in ensuring product safety. So, how do military industry workshops prevent moisture and what makes it different?

MSD (Moisture Sensitive Devices) are widely used in military industry products. These material components are of crucial importance in ensuring product functionality with zero defects. The industrial dehumidifier for cabinet used to store these components is therefore particularly important.

Dry cabinets ensure product quality

When MSDs are manufactured, they will have a corresponding rating of moisture sensitivity. Different levels of moisture sensitivity will require storage in conditions of different relative humidity. For military industry products with high requirements, the storage of MSDs is often required to be in dry cabinets, boxes or dehumidifiers with humidity levels below 5% RH to ensure that various levels of devices do not get affected by moisture. This way, the product quality is guaranteed.

Dry cabinets provide high-quality storage conditions

In addition, there are high requirements for the assembly quality of components in military industry products. This also requires that the metal parts such as the pins of the components also be in good condition. Therefore, during storage in the industrial drying cabinet, boxes or dehumidifiers, material components also require good resistance to oxidation guarantees so that the pins of the material components will not oxidize, thereby ensuring the welding quality during SMT assembly.

In low humidity conditions down to 5% RH, excellent anti-oxidation conditions are already present in dry cabinets. However, in some cases involving military industry anti-oxidation, there may still be a certain amount of oxygen present in an environment of 5% RH, leading to some oxidation. This slight oxidation could have severe consequences for military industry products. Therefore, in some military industry workshops, in addition to moisture protection, anti-oxidation measures are also taken for components. This requires the components to be stored in dehumidifiers with humidity levels below 5% RH while being filled with inert gas.

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